What deserves a category?

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  • A brand / manufacturer.
  • A type of device (like a Laptop, Desktop, IP Camera, or Single Board Computer.)
  • A specific, long-running product line from a brand.
    • Dell Latitude, Dell XPS, Razer Stealth.
  • A defining feature of a subset of devices from a manufacturer, or with a similar notable component.
    • "Laptops with InfinityEdge Displays" or "Devices with Killer WiFi Cards".
  • Devices sharing an aspect that causes problems across many manufacturers or components.
    • "Devices with poor webcam placement" or "Devices susceptible to USB Killer-like devices"

Things that shouldn't be categories

  • Obvious things
    • "Devices with USB ports" or "Devices with Webcams."
    • This does not include features uncommon in some devices, so "2018 Ultrabooks with Ethernet Ports" wouldn't be an invalid category.
  • Vague Time-Specific Categories
    • "Recent Ultrabooks with Ethernet Ports", this is hard to maintain and vague.
  • Too specific time-specific categories
    • "Ultrabooks released in Feburary of 2018"

Note on Categories

Categories will be removed if they seem to be unnecessary. Please make sure your category makes sense and isn't pointlessly specific. If it helps prople find similar devices, chances are it'll stay. If it applies the an absurd amount of devices, it probably shouldn't be a category.