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If you're debating between a shared device page or separate pages, here's a few things to consider.

Devices should share a page if...[edit]

  • they're visually similar
  • they're visually different but internally similar
    • for instance, a new case design
  • newer models are just spec updates to an existing device
  • they're part of a product line without a lot of variance
    • The modern XPS 15
  • there is just a slight spec difference between models
    • for instance, a RAM boost, storage boost, CPU improvement, color difference
  • they are the same device across a different product line
    • XPS 15, Precision 55xx
  • they are the same device except re-branded
  • manufacturered by different companies, sold by different brands, but the exact same internally.

Devices should not share a page if...[edit]

  • there are obvious visual and internal changes between models
  • they are clearly not similar devices to anyone who would look at them