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Please make sure that the page you're creating hasn't already been created by searching for it.

Follow this example modified from the Acer Chromebook 11 C740.

|og:title=Name of Device
|keywords=Put brand, device name, anything important here.
|description=A short description of this device. 1-3 sentences.
|og:image=A 200px thumbnail or the wiki's logo.
|og:site_name=TechFault - The Technology Wiki
|title = Device Name
|image = Image of Device that you uploaded.
|header1 = Short description of device
<!-- You can put any info you like here, but try to put as much "simple info" as you can. Below is an example from the Acer C740 -->
|label2 = Release Date
|data2 = Feb 2015
|label3 = Processor
|data3 = Intel Celeron 3205U
|label4 = GPU
|data4 = Intel HD Graphics (Broadwell)
|label5 = RAM
|data5 = 2 GB <sup>(C740-C3P1)</sup><br>4 GB <sup>(C740-C4PE)</sup>
|label6 = RAM Upgradable?
|data6 = No
|label7 = Storage Upgradable?
|data7 = Yes (M.2 SSD)
Here should be a summary of anything notable about this device that could be interesting to someone looking for this device, or potentially what they were searching for.

== Heading ==
You should put any relevant subheadings here that may pertain to your device. For reference, look at other existing pages.

== Internals ==
Optional, but highly recommended. Place an internal picture here. You can pull these from websites or, if possible, an FCC Internal Photos pdf. 

== References ==
Put references here.

Don't forget to put categories here.
[[Category:Pages Authored By People Who Forgot To Remove The Template Category]]