Dell Thunderbolt Dock TB15

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Dell Thunderbolt Dock TB15
Dell Thunderbolt Dock TB15.png
The TB15 Thunderbolt Dock
Release DateFeb? 2016

The Dell Thunderbolt Dock TB15 is a Thunderbolt-based dock intended for use with Dell devices with Thunderbolt ports. According to numerous online resources, including user reviews and community discussions, purchasing this dock is heavily discouraged due to reliability issues, and you should consider purchasing the TB16 instead. Dell also seems to have offered all buyers of the TB15 a replacement in the form of the TB16 at some point, so it's advisable to stay away from them.


Potential Fixes[edit]

Although this issue is mostly considered to be a hardware issue by the Dell community, there have been a few attempts to fix the stability issue by users before. Here's some tips from u/moltengrey on Reddit

  1. Disconnect your TB15 (use supplied PC power cable if necessary).
  2. Verify your BIOS is latest version. Enable all thunderbolt settings in BIOS. There should be two box's not checked (this may not me necessary but I did it).
  3. Install the Intel 100 Chipset Driver.
  4. Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features > Uninstall Thunderbolt(TM) Software, reboot. Then install the Thunderbolt Control Driver then reboot.
    • this would not install for me, if you get an error use the extract option > open folder location > run setup.
  5. Try and install the latest TB15 Firmware, mine said it was already up to date, if it is skip this step other wise reboot after installed.
  6. Install the ASMEDIA USB 3.0 Extender Controller for the dock then reboot.
  7. Install Realtek USB GBE Controller Driver and reboot.
  8. Install USB Audio Driver driver and reboot.
  9. Install USB audio/mouse fix and reboot.
  10. Log into PC. Connect everything to your TB15 (including LAN). Then connect the thunderbolt cable to PC. Mine prompted me to restart again. Restart.