Dell Latitude D630

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Dell Latitude D630
Dell Latitude D630 dell stock.png
A business class laptop from Dell.
Release DateMay 2007
ProcessorIntel Core 2 Duo (800MHz FSB)
GPUIntel GMA X3100
nVidia Quadro
NVS 135M
RAM Upgradable?Yes
Storage Upgradable?Yes (2.5' SATA Hard Drive)

The Dell Latitude D630 is a business class laptop manufactured by Dell. It is the successor to the Latitude D620. The chipset has been upgraded from an Intel 945 series chipset to the Intel 965GM. The D630 now uses Socket P, which allows for newer Core 2 CPUs to be installed.

Quadro GPU Failures[edit]

The nVidia Quadro NVS 135M GPU's that were used in various laptops of the time is a known point of failure. The issue is caused by the BGA chip heating and melting the new and brittle lead-free solder. Around the time of production, the computer industry began switching to lead-free solder. However, they didn't redesign the cooling systems in laptops. nVidia was later found liable for the failure, triggering a multimillion-unit recall on laptops with nVidia GPU units. A failing GPU usually displays artifacts on the LCD and on an external monitor or no video at all.


Dell Latitude D630 bottom.jpg Dell Latitude D630 Keyboard Removed.jpg

WiFi Card Upgrades[edit]

The Latitude D630 supports most WiFi cards that can fit in it's miniPCI-E slot. The lack of any whitelists allows for installation of cards produced long after the machine itself.

Supported Cards[edit]

  • Intel Centrino 6300
  • Dell Wireless 1520